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11 Dm. Uljanov, Moscow, 117036, Russia


The Russian Diabetes Federation was established in 2000. It consists of 6 associations:

  • Russian Diabetes Association
  • Russian Association of Endocrinologists
  • International “Diabetes” Program
  • Moscow Diabetes Association
  • St-Petersburg Diabetes Society
  • All-Russian Diabetes Association.

Main Focus

  • To raise public awareness on diabetes
  • To provide information and psychological support for people with diabetes
  • To inform and promote the major recent advances in diabetes management
  • To assist people with diabetes
  • To promote the availability of medication and self-monitoring equipment for all people with diabetes


The Russian Diabetes Federation:

  • Publishes articles in mass media and participates in TV broadcasts.
  • Organises consultations with psychologists for children and adolescents
  • Assists in performing diabetes education
  • Has experienced lawyers to hold regular juridical consultations
  • Coordinates its activities with authorities (Parliament, Government, Ministry of Health)