Nurianne Arias


YLD Trainee 2020-2021

I graduated from the University of Aruba with a Bachelor of Arts in Organization, Governance and Management in 2016 and obtained my Master of Science in Public Administration with a specialization in Health Care from the University of Twente in the Netherlands in 2018. I have published two articles on diabetes in “IBB Islands in Between” on the Caribbean in 2017 and “University College Utrecht - University of Aruba Student Research Collaboration” publication in 2016. I continue to do research and aim to publish more scientific articles in preparation to achieve a PhD degree in the near future. I also work as a part time lecturer at the University of Aruba and I'm currently a researcher for the local foundation of diabetes in Aruba concerning diabetes management on the island. I'm passionate about helping others. I started volunteering at the age of 12 and have been active in many social projects since then. Since my diabetes diagnosis I have dedicated myself to researching diabetes. I motivate and coach people living with diabetes individually and on a personal level. I joined the YLD program to gain more knowledge in the field of diabetes so I can have the right skills to carry on helping others and doing research. I believe that the essence of helping others does not lie in the ability to help, but in the willingness and love we put in everything that we do.

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