Young Ji Kim

Korea (South)

YLD Mentor 2020-2021

I was diagnosed while studying in America. After finishing High School, I came back to Korea. Perceptions toward Type 1 diabetes were very different in Korea compared to those in the US. The majority of people cannot distinguish between Type 1 and Type 2. On top of the physical pain from myriad of self injections and finger pricking, social prejudice and low awareness in Korea was what hurt the most.
My experience with diagnosis of and living with Type 1 diabetes is twofold; and frankly, each one is at its extreme. The polarity of very supportive cultures of the US and shy, muted cultures of Korea was what I have experienced. In this regard, I believe I am a qualified individual to work on raising awareness for Type 1 diabetes, doing so with delivering positive vibes and energy. I will put forth my best efforts to build up on my experience as a person with diabetes diagnosed in the US to positively influence people with diabetes in Korea.

Watch my interview at YLD 2017 Training Summit in Abu Dhabi here.