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Last update: 26/07/2021

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Over 460 million people are currently living with diabetes, and this number is estimated to rise to 700 million within a generation.

Education of people with diabetes is a critically important, fundamental and an integral component of diabetes care that should be available and accessible to everyone. Currently around the world, 1 in 5 healthcare professionals do not receive any postgraduate training in diabetes and less than 1 in 2 people with diabetes and 1 in 4 family members of people with diabetes have access to diabetes education programmes. 

IDF recognises the value of providing continued professional education for health professionals and resources for people with diabetes and their caregivers in a sustainable and convenient manner.

Building on its long track record of developing evidence-based educational resources for both people living with diabetes and health professionals, IDF launched the IDF School of Diabetes to deliver high standard, evidence-based diabetes education for health professionals, people with diabetes and caregivers worldwide.

The IDF School of Diabetes currently features a series of premium courses and free short courses tailored to all health professionals working in diabetes. All courses are accredited by the European Accredition Council for Continuing Medical Association (EACCME).

Premium accredited courses

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Free accredited short courses

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