KiDS event at the Milagres College in Mangalore, India

On the 21st of August, Dr. Haseeb Aman from India organised a KiDS event at the Milagres College in Mangalore, Karnataka State, India.

The purpose of this KiDS event was to inform teachers, parents and children on the management of diabetes. The KiDS information pack was distributed and demonstrations on how to use the diabetes kit and hypoglycaemia kit were shown.

Around 200 students from grade 5 to 8 (age 9 -13), along with 50 parents and 15 teachers were attending this information session.

Dr. Haseeb Aman on his experience:

“I was very much excited to do this event as it is one of the initiatives done by IDF on a global platform to educate teachers, kids and parents on diabetes at school.
I found it very useful having tools provided by IDF for this program, as each one of them were very practical.
I had good interaction with the kids, parents and teachers and helped them to understand what diabetes is, how to cope with diabetes and how to live a healthy lifestyle.
I'm looking forward to continuing my work on spreading awareness on diabetes in all the schools in my district.”

If you have organised a KiDS event in your country using the KiDS information pack and/or other KiDS resources. Share you experiences with us now! We would love to receive your testimonials, photos and or videos. For more information on how to share your KiDS experiences with us please click here.



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