Evaluation of Risk Factors in the development of Type 2 Diabetes and Cardiovascular disease in a Young Urban Population in Sri Lanka (LT07-108)

Last update: 19/04/2017
  • Location :
    Sri Lanka
    Topic :
    Lifestyle interventions
    Duration :
    January 1, 2008 - July 1, 2011
    Main Institution :
    Diabetes Association of Sri Lanka (Sri Lanka)
    Other institution :
    King's College, London (UK)
    Principal investigator :
    Dr M.Wijesuriya
    Other investigator :
    Prof G.Viberti
    Amount allocated :
    USD 399,670
    Objectives :
    This study consisted of 25,000 10 - 40 year old persons randomly selected from an urban population where 5000 persons with two or more risk factors will be identified by a simple questionnaire. They received biochemical and physical assessments and divided into a low intensity and high intensity life style modification and followed up for 3 years. They received the same screening for detection of end points. Outcomes: Identify risk factors; Ascertain rate of incidence; Compare significance of new end points; Develop risk scores; Development of a low cost Primary Prevention strategy.

Results to date (November 2012):

  • Inclusion of diabetes in National Health Policy
  • Development of a project titled "Seeni Meanie" which is an innovative diabetes education and awareness campaign where schoolchildren have to formulate their own awareness campaign and educate their colleagues, teachers, parents and school community. Project is expected to reach 360 schools and approximately 1.000.000 children.
  • Incorporation by the Ministry of education of Diabetes into the National School curriculum in the health and physical activity education textbooks at grade 7.
  • Establishment of a Presidential task force on diabetes in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, WHO and other stakeholders.

Posters and presentations:

  • 1st Diabetes in Asia Study Group, Kathmandu (Nepal), October 2008 - (2 posters and 1 presentation)
  • 20th World Diabetes Congress, Montreal (Canada), October 2009 - (2 posters and 3 presentations)
  • 2nd Diabetes in Asia Study Group, Doha (Qatar), March 2010 - (2 posters and 1 presentation)
  • 6th World Congress on Diabetes Prevention and its complications, Dresden (Germany), April 2010 -(1 presentation)
  • 21st World Diabetes Congress, Dubai (UAE), December 2011 (4 posters and 2 presentations)
  • 7th World Congress on diabetes prevention and its complications, Madrid (Spain), November 2012 (3 posters and 1 presentation)
  • 22nd World Diabetes Congress, Melbourne (Australia), December 2013 (6 posters, 1 presentation)
  • 74th Annual Scientific Sessions of the American Diabetes Association, San Francisco (USA), June 2014 (1 poster)
  • 50th EASD 2014, Vienna (Austria), September 2014 (1 presentation)
  • 2nd regional Council of South East Asia Region, Mauritius, October 2014 (1 presentation)
  • 10th IDF WPR congress, Singapore, November 2014 (1 presentation)


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