Get involved in WDD!

Taking part in World Diabetes Day can be exciting! World Diabetes Day is an excellent occasion for people with diabetes, health professionals, diabetes advocates, media, the general public and governments to unite for diabetes awareness and action.

Your participation is key to the success of the campaign. Here are some ideas on how you can get involved:

Promote the blue circle as the global symbol of diabetes

  • Wear blue for diabetes
  • Wear the blue circle pin
  • Form a human blue circle
  • Promote the blue circle selfie app
  • Pin a high-profile individual in your community

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  • Advocate at regional, national and international level to make diabetes a priority on health and development agendas
  • Call on decision-makers in your region to promote early detection and help prevent type 2 diabetes and diabetes complications
  • Hold a roundtable, bringing together key stakeholders from diabetes and NCD organisations, governmental agencies, academic institutions and industry to exchange
  • knowledge and share good example in tackling the diabetes epidemic
  • Share with decision-makers results of successful diabetes interventions

Organize an activity

You can submit your activity(ies) on the WDD events map.

  • Organize an activity around the 2017 theme ‘Women and Diabetes’ and raise awareness of how important access to care and education is to better manage diabetes
  • Organize a diabetes fair offering screenings and information on how to prevent type 2 diabetes and diabetes complications
  • Organize activities for women promoting healthy living for women and their families to prevent diabetes
  • Organize activities around the importance of GDM screening
  • Organize a diabetes screening at your National Parliament or City Hall to raise awareness among your national or local authorities
  • Request local authorities to declare November 14 a "day of interest"
  • Run a media campaign: publish a press release, publish a video on the organization´s website using IDF messages
  • Promote diabetes prevention at work with an activity or via internal communications on how to prevent type 2 diabetes and stay healthy
  • Organize the lighting of a monument or prominent building in blue to raise diabetes awareness
  • Organize a 'Learn about how to keep healthy' event in schools
  • Organize a flashmob

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Support WDD online

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The official hashtag of World Diabetes Day is #WDD
WDD17 hashtags: #right2health, #womendiabetes, #GDM


  • Share the WDD key messages on social media
  • Share WDD resources on your favorite platforms
  • Create a WDD page using campaign content and resources
  • Create your own social media campaign using WDD content and #WDD @WDD
  • Update your Facebook and Twitter header with a WDD social media visual
  • Participate in the discussion by responding to our messaging
  • Engage and activate your online community to support WDD
  • Promote WDD by tagging KOLs and celebs
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