Association Vaincre le Diabète au Congo

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Bld Lumumba 343
Quai industriel c/Limete 11e Rue
Democratic Republic of Congo
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The Association Vaincre le Diabète au Congo (AVDC) was established to assist people living with diabetes in pleading their case to the authorities of the country, striving to assure that diabetes care become increasingly accessible for a better future.

The association was established on 12 July 2003 at the Salvation Army's health centre BOYAMBI in Gombe, an area of Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo by a group of people with diabetes.

Main Focus

  • Encourage education and training and disseminate information on diabetes.
  • Promote medical and psychosocial care for those with the most need
  • Promote support for carers 4.Promote good relationships between the person with diabetes and his family and the care givers


The Association organises the following activities :

  • Organisation of World Diabetes Day each year
  • Organisation of monthly diabetes meetings
  • Voluntary screening
  • Education sessions led by doctors and nurses members
  • Health walk
  • Education sessions with Conversation Maps in several health care centres


Annual report 2016

Message from the President

Mr Guy Mbenza Polo "We urge all people with or without diabetes to live and eat healthily, to see diabetes as a reality and not a myth in order to improve the habits of daily life.

As a member of IDF AVDC is able to share experiences and benefit from scientific advances in the field of diabetes, make our challenges known so that we might improve the management and care of diabetes, and speak the same 'diabetes' language as the international community."


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