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“Diabetic Children’s Protection Association” (DChPA), the first non-governmental (NGO), charitable organization for population with diabetes in Georgia, was established by parents of children with diabetes and operates since 1990. The Association was registered on 30 May 1991 by Ministry of Justice of Georgia.

The aim of the organization is to provide insulin, glucose control tools, adequate diabetic education and social rehabilitation to children with diabetes.

Main Focus

  • To provide all patients with free insulin and insulin analogs, blood testing tools;
  • To provide all patients with friendly environment for social rehabilitation
  • To initiate special laws and regulations for disabled population and their problems and protect their rights;
  • To organize special free summer campsfor all patients, and provide them with trained staff;
  • To provide free diabetes education for all patients, their parents, secondary schools staff and other population;


DChPA is working actively with the Georgian Health Care Ministry to develop and permanently improve state health care programs.

Since 1993 the Association is taking part in many scientific conferences and congresses of IDF and EASD. The members of Association are authors of more than 60 scientific papers in the sphere of diabetes care.

Under supervision of DChPA some international symposia on diabetes care were organizedin Tbilisi.

DChPA is the founder of international social movement: "Live With Diabetes".

In 2005 DChPA founded a mini football club "Rubicon" for the patients, based in the sporting complex of DChPA. Since itsfoundation, the club successfully took part in many mini football tournaments in Georgia.

In 1996 DChPA created a database of Georgian children with diabetes – a National Diabetes Register, giving a chance not only get the complete information about the patient’s condition but also it enables the Association to send the information to the leading clinics of the foreign countries for the consultation through the computerized network.

Publications & Newsletters

Handouts were adapted and published on diabetes care for our patients and their parents.

Message from the President

Prof. Koba Amirkhanashvili "For us, IDF membership means to be the friend and the partner of hundred organizations operating to support the people with diabetes, to receive and share with them the most recent information, that is important in the field of the diabetes care.
Membership in the Federation is a "window", whence we can better see the whole world and that part of a society which actively struggles against diabetes together with WHO and dreams about the earth without diabetes".


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