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Diabetic Association of the Republic of Kazakhstan was established on 1995 to advocate the life of people with diabetes, to ensure high quality of life, to advocate for a comprehensive approach to diabetes prevention, care and support at the national and regional level, to reduce or eliminate the barriers for people with diabetes realizing their full potential as member of society.                                       

Main Focus

  •   To ensure the right for medical care and affordable medicines
  •   To ensure the right for information and education
  •   To ensure the right for social security and stability           


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In August 2012 Diabetes Association of Republic of Kazakhstan organized a summer camp for the children with Diabetes in Almaty city in the most beautiful place of the mountains called «Tau-Kuni Resort».That summer camp gave a wonderful opportunity for the children with diabetes to conduct many sport activities, swimming, and training; to study in diabetes school at to become stronger, healthy and happy. It gave a chance to prove once more that diabetes is not an obstacle and enjoy the life in all its aspects.                                                                      

Message from the President

Ms Leila Zhubandykova "Diabetes Association of the Republic of Kazakhstan is a member of IDF since 1997. More than 16 years we had a good experience of identifying key tools of bringing the anticipation into action and year by year we see a new level of global dialogue on diabetes. We stress all our efforts on “Call to Action on Diabetes” which has been widely distributed by IDF since 2011, and through consultation with IDF Member Associations we are making sure the global diabetes community's priorities and needs for the cooperation. Due to that cooperation we are able to influence our local government and the political leaders on non-communicable diseases Alliance. 

As an association working to support people living with diabetes in Kazakhstan and  a member of a global Federation of organizations delivering projects and advocacy on diabetes and other health priorities including non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and human resources for health, we advocate for a comprehensive approach to diabetes prevention, care and support at the national and regional level.

Our membership in IDF gives us an opportunity to influence local Health care authorities and government as a member state of the WHO to implement dedicated, ambitious and specific health goals nationally which focus on halting the rise in diabetes and other non-communicable diseases.

As a member of IDF, we have a number of tools and solutions, such as the Global Diabetes Plan, available to facilitate achieving these targets at the local scale.

To ensure us and other stakeholders take an active role in our advocacy efforts at the local and regional level, IDF has been supporting our active participation in the WHO Regional Consultations for the UN Summit and has launched an IDF Advocacy Toolkit for the UN Summit for each region. This Toolkit was a step-by-step guide on how to influence policy-makers for the Summit and raise awareness of the need for urgent action on diabetes. It included key resources such as template letters and messages to use in campaigning, as well as the first-ever Charter of Rights and Responsibilities for People with Diabetes. This Charter of Rights was a powerful tool in our fight to stop discrimination and raise awareness of diabetes as a rights issue.

We are proud that IDF is our reliable partner. Other IDF activities to look out for in the coming months include the launch of Diabetes Atlas, World Diabetes Congress in Melbourne, World Diabetes Congress newsletters to keep us informed. "                                                                                                                                      

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