Zveza Drustev Diabetikov Slovenije

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Slovenian Diabetes Association (SLODA) was established in year 1956 in former Yugoslavia that time. Since then almost in each bigger Slovenian town were established local associations. Today there are 40 and all of them are Member of SLODA.
SLODA is working on improving the lives of people with diabetes (PWD) through activities of local associations in cooperation with health professionals and government officials.

Main Focus

  • Working with and for people with diabetes
  • Focusing on awareness, risk factors and healthy life style
  • Helping People with diabetes manages and controls their disease through the education of patient, their families and relatives
  • Working with and for people with diabetes
  • Representing the interest of people with diabetes in Slovenia and international trough IDF, EASD
  • Cooperating with medical professionals and government officials to implement National diabetes programme 2010-2020


  • Helping all local associations organizing educational meetings during the year everywhere in the country
  • Organising different professionals speakers for different conferences and workshops
  • Raising awareness to the members and general population organizing public events during World Diabetes Day (national and local events)
  • Organizing yearly competition “My knowledge about diabetes” among pupils and students of primary and secondary schools
  • Cooperation by implementation of Slovenia National Diabetes Program among partners within and outside the health sector
  • Cooperation with Ministry of Health, Health Insurance, Public Health Institute etc
  • Cooperation on international level mainly by IDF and EASD

Publications & Newsletters

National Magazine SLADKORNA, five issues per year, cca 52 pages each
website: www.diabetes-zveza.si
Different leaflets by different events
Educational book for teachers and students
DIA-FON-phone information system-free to call

Message from the President

Mr Robert Gratton “Provide information, empowerment and appropriate medical treatment for people with diabetes. People with well controlled diabetes live better lives.”

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