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One of IDF Europe's main activities is policy and advocacy at the regional and national level. 

At regional level, the main targets of IDF Europe are the EU Institutions (European Parliament and European Commission), the Council of Europe and the World Health Organization European Region. 

At national level, the Federation acts as a bridge for its Members by informing them on the latest policy developments Europe-wide. This way, national members can perform their policy and advocay activities at national level, using regional activities as a reference. 


2012 - Associação Protectora dos Diabéticos de Portugal (Portuguese Diabetes Association)

Can you shortly describe the association?

APDP-Diabetes Portugal is a non-profit organization and dean of IDF’s Member Associations. It is currently an international reference as a diabetes healthcare centre. It is the first IDF Centre of Education (in 2009) and is a Certified Centre of Reference of Pediatric Diabetes (SWEET)

Main areas of activity:

Social: Fighting for the rights of people with diabetes;

Clinical: Providing multi-specialized healthcare services to more than 40.000 people with diabetes;

Training courses aimed at HCPs (physicians, nurses, dieticians); Professionals of communitarian support institutions; University students and patients and their families.

Research: in basic and clinical science and epidemiology; It collaborates with Gulbenkian Science Institute, Medical Sciences Universities and Portuguese Cancer Institute.

International Collaboration: IDF, Euradia, IMAGE and SWEET Projects, EURODIAB and DIRECT, WHO Europe.

Collaboration with the Portuguese Government: Scientific consultancy in diabetes; Implementation of the Portuguese Program for Diabetes; Technical standards in the area of diabetes; Postgraduate training.

In 2012 a new Department was created – APDP Education and Research Centre - in order to expand and deepen our Research activities in basic investigation in the area of Diabetes.

What did the IDF Europe Prize in diabetes represent for you organisation?

The prize was an acknowledgement of APDP’s experience caring for people with diabetes over 90 years, as a specialized diabetes clinic with more than 100.000 people with diabetes from all over the country. It also represented the international recognition of APDP’s commitment in the fight against diabetes in its several angles – social, clinic and research.

Which charity benefited from your prize donation (€10,000)? Why did you choose it?

We have applied the prize money into educational activities in the field of prevention, namely in initiatives with high risk and needed populations with screenings, diabetes risk assessment and health promotion and healthy lifestyles activities

What are the main changes you have seen in diabetes prevention and management at the national level in the last 15 years?

Implementation of a national primary prevention programme called “Não à Diabetes”, reorganization of primary care sector and creation of Diabetes Coordinating Functional Units.

Which tool(s) do you use to promote diabetes prevention and awareness at the policy maker level, at the general public and individuals?

We are part of the advisory Board of the National Diabetes Programme and of the Health General Directorate.

We promote annually the publication of Diabetes, Facts & Figures, which is a national report on the diabetes situation and we are promoting national campaigns on diabetes awareness.

What are your current and upcoming projects?

To survive through the menaces of our sustainability;

To improve our social virtual presence;

To keep innovation as our main goal.

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