IDF Europe Newsletter - Spring 2019

Last update: 05/03/2021

IDF Europe has started the year 2019 with renewed energy and many plans ahead.

During these first 4 months, our members have started their activities without delay. Many Congresses, courses and education programs, and raising awareness activities have been organized by our members all around the European Region.

We are also happy to announce that the 9th edition of the IDF Europe Youth Leadership Camp (YLC) will take place on 7–13 July. This year, the camp will be hosted by the Turkish Diabetes Foundation and will be held in Dogancili Village, Turkey.

We have also been very active in the policy arena. The Central and Eastern European Policy Summit continued to draw the roadmap to improve diabetes, and many policies and advocacy activities have been done before EU institutions to put diabetes in the spotlight ahead of the EU Elections in May. 

Read HERE this and more of our members and office activities on this first newsletter 2019!

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