The ExPand Policy Toolkit on Diabetes

Last update: 22/03/2021

With IMPACT diabetes (Initiative to Mobilize Parliamentarians to Act to Prevent, Care and Treat Diabetes), IDF Europe intended to pursue its contribution to a more informed political environment, where knowledge and understanding were provided by people living and working with diabetes so that effective policies for people with diabetes and those at risk were developed, adopted, financed, implemented and evaluated. As part of the IMPACT initiative, IDF Europe supported the European Policy Action Network on Diabetes (ExPAND), which aimed to act as a pan-European forum to drive a new generation of national policies to address the diabetes epidemic.

A toolkit providing a one–stop resource covering the economic case for investment in diabetes, evidence of what works, and best practices across Europe was developed and disseminated amongst IDF Members in the European region for use in their advocacy and policy work at the national level. Furthermore, a small but committed group was formed of national parliamentarians from several European countries dedicated to creating a better policy environment for diabetes prevention and control.

IDF Europe continues its advocacy efforts through managing the secretariat of the MEP Interest Group, MEPs Mobilising for Diabetes.

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