Saudi Diabetes and Endocrine Association

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Al-Thuraya Building, 4th floor
P.O.Box 1498
31952 Al-Khobar
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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The inception of the Saudi Diabetes & Endocrine Association (SDEA) started about 28 years ago in 1985 as the brain child of Mr. Abdulaziz Al-Turki. At the time it was called the "Diabetic Club". He had a dream of raising the awareness about the disease to help prevent it as well as improve the quality of controlling it among those inflicted by it. It was met with great support by the members: physicians, healthcare educators, and dietitians.

Seven years ago it became an officially recognized association registered as a charitable organization in the Ministry of Social Affairs as the "Saudi Diabetes & Endocrine Association".

Its membership includes patients, Health Care Providers (physicians, educators, dietitians, businesspersons, and volunteers.

Main Focus

Their mission is to continue developing the integrated health care services provided to diabetic & endocrine patients in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, support patients, train medical staff and promote community awareness to prevent & control diabetes & endocrine diseases in a professional manner.


Supporting application of best practices of care and prevention of diabetes and Endocrine related diseases.


Empower people with diabetes and other Endocrine diseases to adopt healthy lifestyles


It has various clubs to promote sharing of knowledge and distribution of educational materials:

1. Education Club

2. Endocrine club

3. Dietitian Club

4. A Women's Health Committee

5. A Media Team to help the coverage and spread of its various activities: forums, workshops, and educational sessions. It is in the process of launching a Children's Diabetic Club as well as the Friends of Diabetics Club

The SDEA has also established a unique website in Arabic and English with various interactive tools to educate the local community and communicate with the other diabetic people and associations in the world. The website has many useful educational materials for children, adults and seniors and has many important guidelines that concern all diabetic Muslims in the world in the fields of Fasting Ramadan and performing Hajj (pilgrimages).

The SDEA celebrates the occasion of the World Diabetes Day every year and conducts several educational functions for medical staff, media experts, decision makers, governmental and non-governmental leaders, business men, and pubic. This year’s focus will continue on children’s health, under the theme of ‘Protect our Future’ and we will conduct programs for children with diabetes type 1 and type 2, healthy eating, and obesity prevention and management.

The Mobile unit for blood sugar screening and healthy life style education will be utilized. The event will be covered by Saudi Radio and TV and. The sites of the events and unique landmarks of the community will be illuminated with the trademark blue color of IDF. This will of course be coordinated with the civil societies, sport clubs and Ministry of Education.

Publications & Newsletters

The SDEA has published many educational newsletters in Arabic for diabetic people on the topics of heart health, healthy eating, safety, etc and recently published a comprehensive magazine in Arab, called ‘ Diabetes and Life’. The magazine was well received and distributed to many regions within the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The English version was completed and the 2nd edition will be issued soon.

SDEA is very active in providing periodic electronic and papers publications in Arabic and English to help spread educational materials to the needy public to help support them in adopting healthy styles to combat obesity, diabetes and their related diseases.

Message from the President

Dr. Abdulaziz Ali Alturki "The SDEA has been active member of the IDF for more than 20 years and established a productive and fruitful partnership with the IDF and its country members. Through the IDF, we have connected with many diabetes societies worldwide and shared our health guidelines for diabetic people on ‘Fasting Ramadan and Performing Pilgrimage’.

The IDF has kept the SDEA updated with the latest diabetes guidelines through its website, newsletters, reports, clinical guidelines, and magazine. We also have learned a lot about other members’ experiences and initiatives in preventing diabetes, obesity and other relate health problems and we will share our experiences and successes as well.

The IDF kept us connected with the diabetes societies, worldwide and learned about the WDD themes, activities, programs, conferences, young diabetes leaders, etc. We recognise and appreciate the role of IDF in enhancing diabetes awareness worldwide and we are pleased to be active member and will continue our journey of fighting diabetes and its chronic illnesses on the short, intermediate and long run.

Thanks to IDF for its positive role and contribution to the SDEA and to the globe."


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