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The Federación Argentina de Diabetes was established on November 20, 1972.

Federación Argentina de Diabetes (FAD) is a civil nonprofit organization which brings together associations with a common purpose: Educate the patient with diabetes, prevent acute and chronic complications; and optimize treatment and legal protection.

In this regard, FAD provides its member associations administrative advice, pedagogical and teaching in science education on medical and legal framework for the protection of the person living with diabetes.

Main Focus

  • To educate the patients
  • To protect the rights of people with diabetes


The actions of the FAD extends throughout society by providing educational and scientific events such as national meetings of people with diabetes and their families; conferences, training courses, conferences, workshops and camps, among other activities.

Message from the President

Profesora Judit Laufer

The Argentina Diabetes Federation (FAD) as an umbrella organization looks after the interests of people who have diabetes and their environments. In FAD we emphasize through diabetes education ‘to know more and better’ about diabetes, allowing individuals to ‘do’ and ‘make others know’ to alert and reduce the impact of the pandemic on the population.

Being part of IDF, making us know their actions, allows us to be stronger and carry forward the mission that defines us: Transforming information in education and education in prevention.

It is an honor to be part of this international organization and to be recognized by it.


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