Asociación Costarricense de Endocrinología

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Col. de Médicos y Cirujanos Costa Rica
PO Box 548
1000 San José
Costa Rica
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The aim of the Asociación Costarricense de Endocrinología  (ASCEND) is to:

  • Promote and develop the study of scientific subjects related to diabetes, as well as endocrinology and metabolism
  • Help in the association and organization of medical professionals and related professionals interested in the problems of diabetes, endocrinology and metabolism
  • Promote awareness, research and education in the areas of medical science
  • Encourage and promote clinical, laboratory, statistical, social and anthropological research and work
  • Disseminate research made in these fields
  • Cooperate or organize conferences, seminars, meetings, either nationally or internationally related to diabetes, endocrinology and metabolism levels
  • Serve as advisory body in matters related to these fields
  • Foster relationships with similar organizations abroad
  • Make publications, create libraries and promote in general any activity which purpose is to expand the knowledge in these fields
  • Promote or cooperate in the creation of scholarships, prizes or awards to students or academics in medicine or related areas, and implement courses, symposia, seminars, workshops and other scientific events, in addition to offering advice and guidance to institutions and organizations

Main Focus

ASCEND aims to educate, inform and develop activities around diabetes, endocrinology and metabolism.


  • ASCEND offer a large range of activities like:
  • Symposia Update on national medical conferences , academic activities with various medical associations in Costa Rica to update its members in various endocrine issues.
  • Participation in the commission responsible for drafting guidelines for the management of diabetes in the national social insurance of our country.
  • Participation in WDC 2013
  • Organization of the next Central American and Caribbean Congress of Endocrinology (Costa Rica from 27 to 30 August 2014 )
  • Organization of World Diabetes Day activities in different hospitals
  • Drafting of new national guidelines on diabetes management in Costa Rica
  • Activities with health teams run by people with diabetes in local communities
  • Work with other diabetes association
  • Proposal for a Summit in 2014 of health ministers from Central American countries to discuss the current situation of the prevention and management of diabetes in our region.



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