Asociación Día Vida

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De la McDonald's de Plaza del Sol 100 metros sur.
Costa Rica
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Asociación Dia Vida Pro Diabéticos meets once a month to educate and support children, youth and adults with diabetes and their families. They give talks on nutrition, psychology, important medical aspects to treat type 1 diabetes and prevention of type 2 diabetes. They see diabetes as a lifestyle, not a disease with positivity and motivation.

Main Focus

Being the leading organization dedicated to the free dissemination and exchange of knowledge on different types of diabetes for prevention, early detection and improved quality of life for patients and their families across the country.


  • Radio and television speeches about diabetes several times a year
  • Monthly meetings with talks lead by many professionals in different disciplines such as medicine, nutrition, psychology, spiritual strengthening and talks sponsored by private pharmaceutical companies
  • Recreational Trips
  • For World Diabetes Day, they organize the following activities:
  • Congresses about type 1 and 2 diabetes
  • WDD walks
  • Illumination of hospitals, museums, and theaters of blue
  • Artistic exhibition "Blue 1 & 2", where painters and photographers provided works based on the blue circle

Publications & Newsletters

  • Informative posters related with the World Diabetes Day, prevention and symptoms of diabetes
  • Informative publications on health magazines

Message from the President

Ms Ana Ortega Pastor “Each year the challenges to improve the lifestyle of people with diabetes and educate to prevent type 2 diabetes are higher. As a mother of a type 1 diabetic child 15 years ago, now a beautiful woman with almost 19 years, and after hearing so many testimonies of people with diabetes, I am convinced that diabetes is not a disease, is a lifestyle; it becomes a disease when there's an inadequate treatment related with bad nutrition and lack of exercise; this has been our vision for 8 years. We achieved that our children and teenagers become happy and empowered of their life.

As we have been growing, from a small support group for families of children with diabetes to an association recognized nationally in Costa Rica, we realize the importance of being members of the International Diabetes Federation, because it will give us greater credibility and confidence in our country."

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