Fundación Los Fresnos "Casa de la Diabetes"

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Julio Matovelle 8-49 y Lorenzo Piedra
593 Cuenca
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Casa de la Diabetes was established in 202 and is an organisation for patients and families, who have or are at risk of diabetes.

It aims at supporting and advising people with diabetes and their families in all aspects that can help improve their quality of life by promoting the implementation of education as a process and an essantial part of diabetes treatment.

Main Focus

To improve the quality of life through appropriate care, diabetes education and prevention.


Fundación los Fresnos has one main project "The diabetes house" whose main activities are:

  • Medical Center: Internal Medicine, Endocrinology, Nutrition, Ophthalmology, Podiatry and Clinical Lab
  • Diabetes Education
  • Workshops and practical activities
  • Tours and Camps
  • Educational project 'What is diabetes' aimed at people with diabetes and general public
  • Training of health professionals
  • Diabetes Education Congress in Ecuador
  • World Diabetes Day: With the participation of the general public, authorities, media. Activities to raise diabetes awareness like walks, lectures and workshops are organized every year since 2006.

  • 2nd International Congress on Diabetes Education
  • The Consejo Cantonal de Salud in Cuenca and Casa de la Diabetes are organizing the 2nd International Congress on Diabetes Education from 28-31 May, 2014 at Centro de Convenciones Mall del Rio in Cuenca, Ecuador.

Publications & Newsletters

Fundación Los Fresnos publications can be found here

Message from the President

Mr Edgar German Morales

"As someone who has experienced firsthand the pain of having a loved one with diabetes as was my now deceased grandmother, and my daughter who has been living with diabetes for 15 years since she was three. I know we need to work tirelessly in diabetes education with the aim of reducing the complications of the disease.

The main motivation for being members of the IDF is that if we do not work together with all stakeholders, we would be isolated. Without a common effort and if we do not speak an universal language in treatment and care , patients with diabetes will develop more complications causing the mortality rate for diabetes to rise and remaining among the leading causes of death worldwide .

We have the support and backing of IDF in our advocacy work with the central governments which need to hear our demands and take action on such a serious matter as diabetes is in Ecuador which has become the leading cause of death in Ecuador since 2007."


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