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Taiwanese Association of Diabetes Educators (TADE) was founded in March of 1996. Professor Juei-Hsiang Lin served as the 1st president and is the Honorary President at present. Membersinclude physicians, registered nurses, registered dieticians, registered pharmacists, social workers and other professions.

The goals of the Association are to enhance updated knowledge, build up necessary skills, and integrate with other healthcare professionals to provide the best diabetes care possible. In addition, with the cooperation of other professional associations to promote health educator and courses review system, TADE intends to improve diabetes control effect of patients and decrease the occurrence of complications so that the social cost can be retrenched, and patient’s and the family’s quality of life can be improved.

TADE conducts various educational courses, examinations and CDE internship regularly. TADE also assists various hospitals and clinics to establish diabetes health care institutions, and continue to implement the appraisal of project by the Department of Health, Executive Yuan.

Main Focus

  • To develop and organize education materials, training activities, recognition program for diabetes educators and accreditation of diabetes teams
  • To facilitate and ensure the development of related resources for general and specific needs of diabetes care
  • To improve the general outcome of diabetes patients and decrease the social-economic burden from diabetes


To promote diabetes awareness and World Diabetes Day in Taiwan, TADE has hosted a series of events such as the 90-year anniversary for Insulin Seminar, press conferences, academic symposium, WDD festivao-, Global diabetes walk, fairs and health screening activities. (see www.tade.org.tw/images/2012wdd.jpg)

A monument light and a UN WDD festival are to be held in Chia-Yi City at North West Taiwan on November 10th.

In 2012, TADE organized a lot of health education activities.

Publications & Newsletters

Read their newsletter  http://www.tade.org.tw/view/view_paper.asp 

Message from the President

President-Doctor Shih Te Tu "The year 2015 marks the 20th year since the Taiwanese Association of Diabetes Educators took root in Taiwan. After 20 years of cultivation by experts, it has borne such fine fruits as continuous quality improvement, multidisciplinary teamwork in holistic health care, development of tele-health management, and comprehensive patient-centered care for chronic diseases.

Several key factors have made it possible for us to meet these demanding goals.

First, through the labours of successive presidents, directors and supervisors, the association now serves over 8000 members including physicians, nurses, dieticians, and pharmacists. This is evidence that the association’s convictions and efforts are acknowledged by the professional fields.
Second, every association member enthusiastically participates in educational activities organised by the association. Whether by attending the core curriculum, the advanced courses or workshops, the educator certification courses, or the annual meetings, knowledge gained in every instance is applied to patient education and care, which has wrought substantial improvements in diabetes care quality.
Third, the Taiwanese Association of Diabetes Educators is an association that fosters values. It nurtures the continual growth of professional competency for the members under training and encourages commitment in diabetes care, so that every patient may gain support for preventing diabetes complications and reaching targets of disease control, thereby helping patients to value their health.

It is a moment of honour as I assume the position as president of the Taiwanese Association of Diabetes Educators, which is a member of the IDF. Future developments will bring fuller professional support to more members with the aid of digital technology. Our experiences of success will also be shared with our fellow professionals through international exchange, so we may join forces in stalling the ever-towering diabetes tidal wave and its trailing tail of co-morbidities. It is my expectation the Taiwanese Association of Diabetes Educators will shine yet brighter and grow yet stronger."


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