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Diabetes Australia has operated under different names until it officially changed its name to Diabetes Australia in 1987.

Diabetes Australia strongly represents people with all types of diabetes, and has administered the National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS) on behalf of the Australian Government since its inception in 1987. Through the NDSS, Diabetes Australia provides self-management products and support information and programs to over 1,080,000 people with diabetes who are currently registered to this scheme.

Diabetes Australia also has a large member and community support base of over 250,000 Australians, this includes the financial membership of over 166,000 members of various State based organisations.

Diabetes Australia also has national Health Professional organisation members, including the Australian Diabetes Society and the Australian Diabetes Educators Association.

Main Focus

  • Diabetes Australia works in partnership with consumers, health professionals and researchers. Their strategic priorities are:
  • Diabetes Leadership (national advocacy, raising profile and awareness and local, national and global influence)
  • Diabetes Management (national self-management programs, prevent complications and building capacity)
  • Diabetes Prevention (prevention programs for those at risk, diabetes and healthy communities, workplaces and environments)
  • Diabetes Research (tell the research story, influence research funding and influence the research agenda)


The development of national plan, policies and programs for all types of diabetes management and prevention;

National advocacy in the interest of all people with diabetes. Some of their recent initiatives are:

Faces of Diabetes Campaign (www.facesofdiabetes.org.au)

Supporting research into improved diabetes management and prevention. Over the past 7 years alone, the Diabetes Australia Research Trust (DART) has invested $20 million in 284 diabetes research projects all across Australia. Our research efforts also go beyond this grant program and include partnering with other research organisations and advocating for greater research funding into diabetes.

Diabetes Australia – Victoria has established the Australian Centre for Behavioural Research in Diabetes and a Professorial Chair, and this is leading the development of behavioural research in Australia linked to clinical research.

Administering the NDSS, which is an initiative of the Australian Government. The NDSS delivers diabetes-related products at subsidised prices, and provides information and support services to people with diabetes throughout Australia. Diabetes Australia has established a network of NDSS Agents, being state and territory organisations and health professional bodies, to deliver the NDSS services.

Publications & Newsletters

Download their latest annual report (2011-2012)

Message from the President

Ms Moira Watson "Diabetes Australia is proud of its long-standing membership of the International Diabetes Federation. Australia has provided great input and support to the IDF over many years, including the strong representation of Diabetes Australia nominees to IDF roles (past President, many Vice Presidents) and the contribution of Australian experts to IDF policy and program development with too many names to mention but including epidemiology; guidelines development; IDF Life for a Child; and prevention programs. This membership allows us, with the support of IDF, to shine a light on the global diabetes pandemic in order to one day have a world free of diabetes.

We look forward to continuing work with our friends in the Western Pacific Region, this work includes the implementation of the Western Pacific Diabetes Declaration Action Plan 2012-15.

We are also delighted to be the host country for the World Diabetes Congress in Melbourne 2013 and encourage people to register for this fantastic event.

Diabetes Australia is also supporting and working with IDF in the establishment of a new IDF Parliamentary Champions for Diabetes Program.

Working together and sharing ideas and information with our fellow IDF Members has been invaluable. We look forward to continuing and expanding this important relationship to not only improve the lives of people with diabetes in Australia, but across the globe."


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