How to become a YLD Trainee

Every two years, IDF launches a call for new YLD Trainees’ nominations to all its Members - the next call for nominations will take place in 2021

IDF will only accept YLD nominations from IDF Members. Therefore, young people interested in becoming part of the YLD network need to be in contact with IDF Members in their countries prior to the nomination period. You can see a list of IDF Members on this webpage.

In order to be eligible to become part of the network, the IDF Members’ nominees need to fulfil the following criteria:

  • Live with any type of diabetes
  • Be between 18 and 25 years of age at the time of nomination
  • Communicate effectively in English. The YLD Trainees are expected to understand, read, write and speak English to be able to communicate with other YLD Trainees, Mentors and the IDF Executive Office
  • Have an active relationship with an IDF Member and maintain that relationship for the whole period as a Young Leader
  • Exhibit passion for making a difference in the diabetes community, locally, nationally and/or globally
  • Be able to immediately develop, lead and execute a diabetes project with the support of the nominating IDF Member
  • Have regular access to internet for communication and reporting purposes
  • Be committed to allocating the time and maintaining the skills required to be involved in the Programme. This will include participating in various activities directed by the IDF EO.

At the moment of nomination, candidates must fill in an application form which will be provided by IDF. IDF Members need to fill a reference form, also provided by IDF. Both documents are compulsory. The timeline of the nomination process may vary, but will generally take place in the beginning of the year.

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