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Last update: 15/07/2022

We need your help to ensure that young advocates living with diabetes can actively participate in the activities of the IDF Young Leaders in Diabetes programme.

“Attending the YLD Training Summit made me better at raising diabetes awareness in my community. I now have the capacity to share diabetes education with those around me and fight diabetes misconceptions”, Diakité Fousseny, YLD Trainee from Mali

“Meeting other young people with diabetes at the YLD Training Summit made me understand that I was not alone and that my struggles mattered. I also became aware of how different access to diabetes care is depending on the country you are from, and how important advocacy is to make sure governments in low- and middle-income countries provide quality diabetes care,” Sarah Biyinzika, YLD Trainee from Uganda

“At the YLD Training Summit I realised I have the power to help and empower people with diabetes in my community. I became more courageous to speak up and fight against the stigma our community faces,” Esraa Elhaj, YLD Trainee from Sudan

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What is the Young Leaders in Diabetes (YLD) Programme?

The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) created the YLD Programme in 2011, to empower young people living with diabetes to become effective advocates at the local, national and global level.

Since the Programme started, IDF has trained more than 200 young people with diabetes from all around the world to become active leaders in their communities.

The YLD Leadership Summit: a face-to-face learning opportunity

Every two years, IDF organises a face-to-face YLD Leadership Training Summit in parallel to the IDF World Diabetes Congress. In December 2022, IDF will bring approximately 60 young people living with diabetes to Lisbon (Portugal), for four days of advocacy, project planning and networking sessions.

The Training Summit allows the young advocates to share experiences, learn about other realities and acquire the tools to develop impactful projects to improve the lives of people affected by diabetes in their communities. Reports of previous YLD Training Summits are available here.

How will your donation support the YLD Programme?

Every 1000 Euros received will allow a young advocate, particularly from a low- and lower-middle-income country, to actively participate in YLD face-to-face learning activities such as the YLD Leadership Summit 2022 in Lisbon. 

All donors will receive a copy of the YLD Leadership Training Summit 2022 report and be listed as supporters within the report and on the IDF website.

If you are considering supporting the YLD Leadership Training Summit with a donation but have questions, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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