Creating awareness through diabetes education and youth empowerment

Formbuh Deric Nkimbeng - Cameroon

The project aims at setting up a youth diabetes association (the youth arm of the Cameroon Diabetes Association) to support other students and children with diabetes in schools, in their homes and inside their communities. In parallel, radio programmes will take place every week to reach a broader public.

Children were contacted between June and September for several association meetings. They wrote a letter to the Delegation of Health and to the Ministry of Health requesting that their diabetes youth association be officially recognised. 

As part of the association's activities and to identify people living with diabetes to provide them with relevant treatment options, Deric has been carrying out awareness campaigns, free screenings and health follow-ups for the elderly.

Deric Q3.1   Deric Q3.2

Screening activities being carried out

He plans on carrying out more activities in 2019, such as radio programmes and screenings in direct collaboration with local schools, to provide both education and prevention advice.

Starting execution date: July 2, 2018

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