IDF education initiatives strive to ensure that everyone has access to diabetes education. The online courses provide learning opportunities for all people involved in diabetes care and support people with diabetes in managing their condition.

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Centres of Excellence

IDF Centres of Excellence are designated clinical or research institutes that form part of a voluntary international network. They offer specialised care and support to people with diabetes, helping them manage their condition for better health outcomes. Many centres also participate in research and clinical trials to develop new treatments and improve outcomes.

IDF has currently designated 22 Centres of Excellence in six regions.

IDF Centres of Excellence
Dr. Yohana Mokiwa, speaking with a patient, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

IDF-Sanofi strategic training collaborations

IDF has signed two strategic training collaborations with Sanofi General Medicines, and Sanofi Global Health Unit (GHU) to improve access to diabetes care through training aimed at building capacity among healthcare professionals in low and middle-income countries.

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KiDS and diabetes in schools

Launched in 2013, the Kids and Diabetes in School (KiDS)  programme aims to promote a safe and supportive school environment for children with diabetes.

Starting early with diabetes education in schools and promoting healthy lifestyles can be a stepping-stone toward a diabetes-free future.

Likewise, educating young people about diabetes removes misconceptions and stigma that children with diabetes face in school and leads to understanding and acceptance.

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Latest IDF education resources

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Online course

Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM)

Designed for healthcare professionals, this 60-minute free online course offers an in-depth exploration of CGM, detailing the various types and their functionalities.
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Online course

Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM)

Designed for people living with diabetes and their caregivers, this free 30-minute online course focuses on the role of CGM in diabetes management and provides practical information and tips on CGM use.
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Online course

Type 2 Diabetes and the Heart

This free 25-30 minute course explores the impact of diabetes on heart health, focusing on how high glucose levels can affect the blood vessels and lead to heart issues.
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Online course

Type 1 Diabetes: Overview, Treatments and Targets

This free 25-30 min course offers an overview of what type 1 diabetes is, how it develops, the necessity of daily insulin, and the effects of lifestyle factors on blood glucose levels.
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Online course

Insulin and how to use it safely

In this free 25-30 minutes course you will learn what insulin is and why people living with type 1 diabetes and some people living with type 2 and gestational diabetes need to take it.
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IDF SACA Clinical Practice Guideline on Diabetes Education

Produced by the IDF South and Central America (SACA) Region with the aim of standardising evidence-based educational practices to improve the health and well-being of people with diabetes.
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