Diabetes and Mental Health

Diabetes is a life-long, progressive condition that demands round-the-clock self-management throughout the course of a person’s life. This means that diabetes represents a psychological burden which is often underestimated and overlooked. In turn, this leads to the needs of people living with diabetes (PwD), their families, carers, and relatives being neglected.

PwD may at times experience increased levels of distress, anxiety, and depression due to the relentless and constant nature of their condition. If these feelings are not addressed, they can eventually culminate in burnout whereby one feels completely overwhelmed. This does not only affect one’s everyday life, relationships and emotional state but can negatively impact a person’s ability to manage their diabetes leading to poorer physical health. Studies have also shown that PwD are two to three times more likely to experience depression than people who do not live with diabetes. Currently, only 25-50% of PwD who have depression get diagnosed and treated for it. This is an alarming figure.

Resources on diabetes and mental health: