Leonard Thompson received the first successful injection of insulin.
  • 1 in 10 people are living with diabetes

    Learn more about diabetes to help manage and prevent the condition in the millions affected or at risk.

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    Stay ahead in your clinical practice with our IDF School of Diabetes certified online courses.

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    Get the latest updates on diabetes management and treatment at the IDF Congress.

  • IDF Virtual Congress 2023

    Join us online this December for the IDF Virtual Congress 2023, focusing on diabetes complications and diabetes management diabetes during emergencies and disasters. Registration is now open!

  • IDF Diabetes Atlas Reports 2022

    The IDF Diabetes Atlas Reports 2022 present a global view of the growing impact of diabetes and the urgent need for governments and policymakers to take action. Take a deeper look into the impact of type 2 diabetes in indigenous peoples, type 1 diabetes across all age groups, COVID-19 among people with diabetes and diabetes foot-related complications. 

  • Mobilising emergency aid for Ukraine

    IDF is deeply concerned by the crisis in Ukraine and is closely monitoring the situation to ensure that emergency relief is provided to people living with diabetes in the country and refugees in neighbouring countries. IDF Member Direct Relief has mobilised its resources to support medical needs as they become known.

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