• 1 in 10 people are living with diabetes

    Learn more about diabetes to help manage and prevent the condition in the millions affected or at risk.

  • Update your diabetes knowledge and skills

    Stay ahead in your clinical practice with our IDF School of Diabetes certified online courses.

  • Help improve the lives of people with diabetes

    Support IDF’s mission by joining our network of advocates.

  • COVID-19 and diabetes

    People with diabetes may be more vulnerable to the severe effects of the coronavirus. Find out what to know and do to help prevent and manage the illness.

  • New KiDS project website

    The new KiDS website is here! Help make the school environment a better place for children with diabetes with our KiDS resources, offering guidelines on diabetes management and prevention and the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

  • Latest from Diabetes Voice

    How dogs can make it easier to manage diabetes

    "Diabetes Assist” or “Alert Dogs” can help people with diabetes have a greater sense of comfort and stability.


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