IDF Europe Type 2 Diabetes Platform

Partly reflecting the stigma often attached to Type 2 diabetes, and perhaps partly because of the demographics of the Type 2 group, people living with T2D are under-represented and under-engaged in advocacy activities, general research projects and other programmes. To remedy this and complement the YOURAH group, IDF Europe launched a platform of People living with T2D and other types of diabetes in Europe, interested in representing the voice of people living with diabetes in advocacy initiatives as well as through participation in other projects, e.g., EU-funded research projects.

A number of people living with T2D across Europe has now been identified, and an initial “advisory” group meeting took place in late 2021. The group is now working on an action plan on how best to recruit and engage meaningfully with the T2D community and raise their voice. A first working group has also been established, specifically looking at the components of a successful relationship between PwD and healthcare professionals.

As with the YOURAH group, all members of this platform are integrated in all relevant IDF Europe’s activities.

Are you interested in learning more about our T2D platform? Contact us at [email protected].