Great achievements for the Bulgarian Diabetes Association’s Bulgaria against Diabetes awareness and training initiative

25 February 2022

The Bulgarian Diabetes Association is working in close collaboration with several other organisations to implement projects on diabetes prevention and awareness, and to increase their impact.

 One project, “Vision is important – Examine yourself!”, allows people living with diabetes to get screened for eye diseases. The Bulgarian Diabetes Association is also implementing another important initiative – “Bulgaria against Diabetes”, in collaboration with the Lions Club. This project aims to raise public awareness of children living with diabetes. On February 19 2022, a meeting of the project’s National Council was held to report on achievements to date and to plan future actions. The Council was attended by representatives from the municipalities and the Lions Clubs participating in the project, various coordinators and partners, Prof.Dr. Maya Konstantinova, Chair of the Bulgarian National Society of Paediatric Endocrinology, and Ms. Maya Viktorova, Chair of the Bulgarian Diabetes Association. In 2021, 800 nurses were trained as diabetes nurses to provide care for children living with diabetes in kindergartens and nurseries across the country. Additionally, 114 volunteers were trained as project coordinators. During the event, Prof. Dr. Maya Konstantinova drew attention to the fact that some kindergartens still refuse to accept children living with Type 1 Diabetes and stated that “Our goal is for children with diabetes to live the same way as their peers in other countries, and to have the same living conditions, freedom and opportunities”.

The discussion then moved on the changes required for improving the current national structure for diabetes care and management, and on the project’s next steps.

For more information about the Bulgarian Diabetes Association, please visit its Facebook page here.

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