Introduction of the “Subspecialty of Diabetology” for Internists and Paediatricians in Greece

31 January 2023

On January 16, the Greek Ministry of Health issued the implementing provisions of the law that, in 2018, approved the “Subspecialty of Diabetology” for internists and paediatricians in Greece. The new two-year curriculum will be implemented in 22 officially approved Diabetes Centres across the country.

This achievement stems from the long-standing advocacy effort of IDF Europe’s member associations in Greece, the Hellenic Diabetes Association (HDA), the Hellenic Federation of Diabetes (ELODI) and the Panhellenic Federation of People with Diabetes (POSSASDIA), and it represents one of the most important milestones for the care of PwD in the country.

The introduction of the subspecialty of diabetology is expected to bring improvements in the management of PwD in Greece by increasing the availability of internists and paediatricians with a specific training on diabetes, who will be able to share their specialised knowledge and expertise with other physicians and the diabetes community.

Greece Jan 2023

Dr. Asimina Gaga, Deputy Health Minister (in the middle), meet Dr. Anastasia Mavrogiannaki, President of the Hellenic Diabetes Association (on the right) and Dr. Konstantinos Makrilakis, General Secretary of the Hellenic Diabetes Association and IDF Europe Board Member (on the left), to announce the signing of the ministerial decree.