On the occasion of the Centenary of Insulin, the Armenian Association of Diabetes raised awareness of the need for improved access to diabetes care and healthy lifestyles

25 February 2022

The Armenian Association of Diabetes recently held an event “The History of Diabetes and the Discovery of Insulin”. During this event, the President of the Association drew attention to issues regarding the lack of access  to insulin and other diabetes medicines in the country, which may result in an increase in diabetes-related complications. A plan of action was discussed during the event to re-organise diabetes prevention and care, and improve access to medications for all people living with diabetes in order to reduce the risk of developing diabetes-related complications.

 In another initiative “Healthy Lifestyles and Diabetes”, members of the association illustrated the importance for people living with diabetes of leading a healthy lifestyle. Children also participated in this initiative by painting their own idea of healthy lifestyles.


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