On the occasion of the Centenary of Insulin, the Fédération Française des Diabétiques (FFD) launches a web series – ” MON INSULINE” (My Insulin)

11 October 2021

One hundred years after its discovery, insulin is still essential for many people living with diabetes (PwD). On the occasion of the Centenary of Insulin, the FFD wishes to highlight the challenges that PwD experience every day through a series of video testimonials which will be released throughout 2021.

Each episode shows the everyday life of people treated with insulin. In their testimonials, they also share their experiences with different types of treatments, highlighting the impact of recent advances in medicines, therapies and technologies on the management of their condition. It is interesting to (re)discover that decades ago there were no insulin pumps; needles needed to be boiled before the injections; blood sugar control was possible only through pricks at the fingertips, and there were no sensors.

In the web series, each portrait is unique. People living with different types of diabetes (type 1, type 2, rare diabetes such as MODY, gestational diabetes) share their stories and their own personal experiences.

To watch the 22 episodes of “MON INSULINE” and to discover more about this initiative, click here.