“The Diabetes Lab” – the new podcast of the Swedish Diabetes Association on diabetes research

30 September 2022

The Swedish Diabetes Association will be launching a new podcast on diabetes research which is made possible thanks to the Diabetes Fund, which supports diabetes research as well as initiatives to increase knowledge about diabetes and improve the life of those living with the condition.

The various episodes of Diabeteslabbet (Diabetes Lab) will see the participation of key scientists in Sweden, and will address questions such as “which problems are diabetes scientists currently trying to solve?”, “how close are they to new breakthroughs?”.

Commenting on the launch of the podcast, Chairman of the Swedish Diabetes Association and the Diabetes fund, Björn Ehlin, remarked that “Through the Diabeteslabbet, we want to deliver information that can bring hope to people living with diabetes in an easy way. It is very important to us to spread knowledge about current research, and to inform the public about how we are using donations to improve research and, ultimately, people’s lives.”

The first five episodes of the podcast will be released in late October and will be available in Swedish on all main podcast platforms in the country. The first season will focus on the work of laboratories in which stem cells are programmed to produce insulin, and researchers will explain why some people develop T2D and others do not.