2020 Global Week for Action on NCDs

01 October 2020

The annual Global Week for Action on NCDs took place from 7-13th September. This year’s theme was ‘Accountability: Pushing for Progress’ with the aim of holding governments accountable to the commitments they have made to achieve NCD targets.

 In keeping with the theme of the week, IDF Europe conducted a poll on Twitter, asking: “If you had just 5 minutes with an MEP, what improvement in diabetes care would you convince him/her to act upon?” More affordable medicines, wider diabetes awareness, more access to innovation, and patient-centered care were the answer options. More affordable medicines received the most votes (44%).

Uninterrupted access to the required medicines, supplies, and technologies is imperative to improve the quality of life of people living with NCDs, diabetes included. There still exist huge inequalities in access to diabetes care in European countries. Without improving the affordability of care and medicines, it will be impossible to improve access and achieve SDGs 3.4 (reducing premature mortality by one third by 2030) and 3.8 (achieving universal health coverage).

We urge governments to work together with all stakeholders and take the necessary measures to guarantee this access in the future.

   twitter poll results