“A Vision for Digitally Enabled Diabetes Care in Europe” webinar

16 September 2020

On Tuesday 15 September IDF Europe chair, Dr Niti Pall, was a panelist in a webinar organised by MedTech Europe titled ‘A Vision for Digitally Enabled Diabetes Care in Europe’.

The other panelists on the day were MEP Christel Schaldemose, Prof. Dr. med. Dirk Müller-Wieland, former President and Chair of the ‘Digitalisation’ Committee of the German Diabetes Society, and Slobodan Radumilo, vice President and general manager at Diabetes Care EMEA, Becton Dickinson. The event was moderated by Prof. John Nolan from the Department of Clinical Medicine at Trinity College Dublin.

As the title suggests, the topic of the discussion was the implications of digital technology for the future of diabetes care in Europe. The panelists diabetes as a major health challenge and how health systems can adapt to provide better care for people living with diabetes. As digital health becomes more and more prevalent, we must ensure that the patient remains at the centre. Thus, health systems must be patient-led and not system-led. This will involve extensive efforts to ensure compliance with data privacy, security, and ethical regulations. Overall, the digital transformation promises better health outcomes for patients by reducing the cost of treatments and care and providing more personalised care.

This webinar was part of a larger publication on the future of diabetes care which can be accessed here.