APPRECIATION | Dr. Michael S. Hall (30.12.34 to 01.01.24)

15 January 2024

The first day of the new year 2024 marked the sad demise of Dr. Michael Stephen Hall. A highly respected medical doctor and academic. Above all, a much-loved husband to Ann for many years, father to Steve, Rob and Joe and grandfather to Emily, Hannah, Georgia, Daisy, Millie, Charlie, Olly, Polly and Penny whom he treasured so much.

Dr. Hall lived a long, active and distinguished life. A man of all seasons, a respectable gentleman of impeccable integrity, an exceptional medical doctor and a renowned and remarkable speaker. A mentor to the young generation always ready to offer a sound word of advice. He dedicated his life to making a difference and offered unwavering support to his many patients. He always showed compassion, understanding and empathy, always ready to give a helping hand.  He never wanted to heap personal praise or be in the limelight and would often be seen at the backstage – his aim was to be of service to others and this he did with so much passion, dedication, charisma and commitment.

Dr. Hall held academic appointments in the Exeter University. Following a research project into diabetic eye disease, he served on the Executive Council of the British Diabetes Association, now Diabetes UK and later became their chairman. He also chaired the Organising Committee of European Association for the Study of Diabetes meeting in Glasgow 2001. He was a Board Member of the International Diabetes Federation – European Region, IDF Europe (2003-2009) and subsequently served as Honorary Consultant and Advisor to several boards. His expertise area was to advise the board on the monitoring and promotion of improved diabetes services within the European Union and the development of National Diabetes Plans. He worked wholeheartedly for the diabetes cause, and he laid the foundations for a lot of the advocacy work which is still ongoing. He had served on the EU Platform on Diet, Physical Activity & Health together with other various international consultancies. His research interests were primary care education, diabetes retinopathy screening and the prevention of diabetes. He has lectured and published on diabetes related topics, especially prevention and care issues, patient education, and doctor and nurse training.

Dr. Hall was also an honorary member and huge collaborator to FEND (Foundation European Nurses in Diabetes).

Dr. Hall will leave an unfillable void in the medical and diabetes community and the lives of those he touched. He always strived to help others and the diabetes cause in a remarkable way.  On a personal level I feel honoured and privileged to have worked alongside Dr. Hall during his long and significant time at IDF Europe.

Dr. Hall was a giant in the diabetes community who left a mark in all he did. He leaves a huge void but a remarkable legacy.

My sincere condolences to his dearest wife Ann, his three children and his nine grandchildren.

Mr. Chris J. Delicata
President, Maltese Diabetes Association
Former President of IDF Europe (2008-2012)

A fundraising for Diabetes UK has been created in Dr. Michael Hall’s memory.