Direct Relief operational update – Support for people living with diabetes affected by the war in Ukraine

21 April 2022

Nearly two months after the start of the war in Ukraine, the conflict is severely disrupting access to insulin and essential medications, representing a life-threatening risk for people living with diabetes (PwD).

To ensure the delivery of medications and devices that PwD require in Ukraine and in the countries in which Ukrainian citizens seek refuge, IDF and IDF Europe have been working closely with the humanitarian aid organisation Direct Relief, which is collaborating with the Ministries of Health in Ukraine and in neighbouring countries, to provide requested medical aid and assistance in the region.

Since the beginning of the war, Direct Relief has been able to deploy more than 250 tons of medical aid to Ukraine, including 48,883 vials of insulin and 12,315 prefilled pens during the month of April, with further deliveries being scheduled for the month of May.

Direct relief insulin
2,400 pounds of insulin arrived on April 1 in Ukraine to support people managing diabetes. The four-pallet shipment was delivered to Ukraine’s Ministry of Health and will be distributed across the country to support health services. (Courtesy photo)


We express our gratitude to Direct Relief for ensuring access to insulin and other diabetes medications and supplies under such difficult circumstances. We also wish to thank the diabetes community for showing incredible determination and generosity in supporting PwD in Ukraine and those who have left the country.

To learn more about how you can contribute, visit our platform “Connect Solidarity”, which gathers information to help Ukrainians living with diabetes understand what support they can get in the country where they are and how to get it, and which highlights the fundraising initiatives endorsed by IDF Europe to support the delivery of medical supplies as well as our own fundraising efforts to support the work of our Member Associations that are offering assistance and support to Ukrainian refugees living with diabetes.

As the situation evolves, we will continue working with Direct Relief, our Member Associations and partners to provide additional support to PwD affected by the war and healthcare professionals in the region.