ECDA Statement on the EU Green Deal

13 May 2020

A healthy planet is essential to achieve sustainable, climate-friendly societal and economic development but also to protect public health and prevent major chronic diseases. These are in large part determined by environmental exposures and risk factors.

The European Chronic Disease Alliance (ECDA) proposes key considerations to reinforce the European Green Deal with regard to chronic disease prevention as well as public health in Europe, and make further connections between ambitions in these areas.

Healthy environments play a crucial role in the prevention and control of chronic diseases, which are a major health challenge across Europe and globally. The consequences of these diseases on the health and quality of life of European citizens and economies cannot be underestimated.

The European Green Deal and environmental health protection should be an integral part of any inclusive and sustainable growth strategy. In light of the current crisis, they should be a priority of Europe’s post COVID-19 recovery plan.

IDF Europe contributed to the statement which can be read in full here