ENVI Committee vote on EU4Health Programme

16 October 2020

On 14th October, the ENVI committee adopted its report on the EU4Health programme. IDF Europe welcomes the Committee’s commitment to maintaining the budget at the level that had originally been proposed by the European Commission (€9.4 billion).

The proposed EU4Health programme aims to achieve a more resilient health ecosystem in Europe through better disease prevention and surveillance, health promotion, and improved access, diagnosis, and treatment, as well as closer cross-border collaboration in the area of health.

The ambitious programme would represent a strong and necessary step towards giving health the recognition it deserves and placing it at the heart of EU policy, protecting the health of all EU citizens and building resilient health systems in Europe. A well-implemented EU4Health Programme also has the potential to be a turning point for tackling non-communicable diseases, which remain the leading cause of death, disease and disability in Europe.

Along with maintaining the original budget, the report also proposes to increase focus on disease prevention, reduce health inequalities, accelerate the move towards digital health, and address and improve the prevention and management of chronic conditions such as type 2 diabetes, among others.

The parliament is expected to vote on the report during the plenary session on 11 &12 November.