European Diabetes Patient Advocacy Summit 2023: “The Future of Diabetes Patient Associations – Assessing Values”

28 April 2023

On March 28-29, IDF Europe, in collaboration with Novo Nordisk, held the European Diabetes Patient Advocacy Summit 2023 (EDPAS), with the participation of diabetes advocates from 41 diabetes patient organisations from across Europe.

Around the theme of “The Future of Diabetes Patient Associations – Assessing Values”, the event featured interactive workshops addressing the role and the value of diabetes associations and the diabetes community in a rapidly changing world.

The event represented a great opportunity for participants to exchange ideas, share best practices, collaborate and discuss strategies for strengthening associations’ long-term sustainability.

Experts provided insights into a wide range of topics such as how to adapt to shifts in technology, demographics and social values; how to conduct evidence-based advocacy, with a lasting impact by serving PwD’s real needs; how to build engaged communities; how to leverage digital transformations; and how to communicate in a way that is engaging and meaningful.

Reflecting on the topics discussed during the Summit, IDF Europe Board Member, Prof. João Filipe Raposo commented: “What will be the role of associations or the role of the doctor in 20 years? We all fear losing value, and we fear losing power. This should motivate us to think about it and work together to bring about the changes we want.

Harnessing the power of communitiesgrasping the new opportunities provided by the digital transformation and placing values at the centre of our messages are all key to strengthening the long-term sustainability of patient associations and ensuring that they serve the needs of people living with diabetes and other diabetes stakeholders.