European Online Week of Active and Healthy Ageing

05 November 2020

This week is the European Online Week of Active and Healthy Ageing!

Every person should have the opportunity to live a long and healthy life and yet healthy ageing is a challenge to all European countries.

Healthcare systems should align with the needs of a population which includes more older people. The prevalence of diabetes among people over 65 years of age is double that of those under 65. We must support and protect the right of these people to age healthily and this involves a greater focus on a system of integrated care that listens to the needs of the individual. Every person living with diabetes deserves uninterrupted access to medicine, care, technology, and education they need to age healthily and happily.

Healthy ageing while living with diabetes does not just begin in later life. Having the ability to self-manage optimally from diagnosis onwards is important to reduce the risk of developing diabetes-related complications. Thus, investing in diabetes care will improve health outcomes for all and allow diabetes nurses to deliver improved quality of care.

Staying active is also key to healthy ageing. However, this can prove difficult due to the restrictions in place during the COVID-19 pandemic. Click here and here for tips on how to stay active at home!