European Week Against Cancer – Policymakers Must Take a More Inclusive Approach to Cancer Prevention

21 May 2021

Next week (25th – 31st May) IDF Europe will be showing support for the European Week Against Cancer. The aim of the week is to raise awareness about cancer prevention, access to treatment, and support for patients and survivors.

The focus of much of this year’s awareness raising efforts will inevitably be on the EU’s Beating Cancer Plan, which was released on February 3rd, 2021. The measures and goals set out in the plan, such as a fostering a tobacco-free generation and improving food and alcohol labelling, are welcomed by all and they will have positive knock-on effects for preventing other chronic diseases like diabetes. Given this heavy focus on prevention and the fact that Type 2 diabetes and many forms of cancer share the same risk factors, it is important that policymakers keep in mind the interconnected nature of such non-communicable diseases so that the benefits of the Plan can be maximised. To read more on this, download this statement by ECDA, signed by IDF Europe, in response to the Beating Cancer Plan.

In light of this, IDF Europe will be raising awareness about the link between diabetes and cancer during the European Week Against Cancer next week. Each day we will be posting a new fact about diabetes and cancer on our social media accounts. Keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook accounts to learn more.

Currently our health systems are not adequately equipped to care for people who are living with both diabetes and cancer. The link between these two non-communicable diseases must be better researched, understood, and integrated as part of a supportive, quality, and affordable system of care in Europe and beyond.