High-Level Technical Summit on Diabetes: Accelerating action on diabetes

03 October 2023

On November 28-29, IDF Europe, in collaboration with the World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe (WHO Europe), will hold a High-Level Technical Summit (HLTS) on Diabetes in Belgrade, Serbia. The HLTS will bring together WHO Europe, IDF Europe and representatives from Member States, the European Union and national diabetes associations as well as people living with diabetes (PwD) to elevate diabetes on the political agenda and accelerate action to deliver on existing commitments. 

Marking one year since the adoption of the new European Parliament Diabetes Resolution, the HLTS will seek to build on the growing political momentum and, ultimately, to develop solutions adapted to the permacrisis era to improve the detection and diagnosis of diabetes; improve quality of care and the prevention of complications; and ensure equal access to the right quality treatment at the right time and place.


Welcome address

Opening session – Diabetes Prevention, Management and Care in the Permacrisis Era

  • Reflection: How do we make diabetes a priority in an era of permacrisis?

Session 1 – Detection and diagnosis of diabetes: toward a European Region free of undiagnosed diabetes by 2030​

  • Panel Discussion: How do we achieve better detection and diagnosis of diabetes?​

Session 2  Towards improved quality of care and prevention of complications ​

  • Panel Discussion: How do we design more people-centered diabetes care?​

Session 3 Toward equal access to the right quality treatment at the right time and place

  • Panel Discussion: How do we reimagine healthcare systems to improve quality, availability, accessibility and affordability of care?

Session 4 Reflection and next steps for accelerating implementation

Conclusion and next steps