IDF Europe applies for four EU projects on health, research and diabetes

04 July 2019

IDF Europe applied to be involved in four EU project that will last, for at least, four years. The outcome of these applications will be published in August-September.

These projects are:

  1. TAILOR MADE: TAILORMADE eHealth solution aims at implementing personalised integrated care pathways through the use of an advanced cross sector ICT system combined with a Virtual Coach (VC), which interacts with the care recipients and collects information about their status, daily routines, diet, etc. This project will last for four years.
  2. FORGET Diabetes: The projects aims at developing a physiological, immuno-optimised, fully-implantable, fully-automated bionic invisible pancreas (BIP) allowing to achieve optimal glucose control.
  3. ISLET: ISLET is an innovative programme for the production and marketing of human pluripotent stem cell (hPSC)-derived advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs) for treatment of EU citizens with T1D. This project will have a duration of five years.
  4. RECOGNISED: The projects’ aims are to investigate the common mechanisms involved in the pathogenesis of diabetes retinopathy and cognitive impairment in T2D population, as well as to use retinal imaging as a tool for identifying individuals with T2D at higher risk of developing cognitive decline or dementia. The expected duration of this project is four years.