IDF Europe EASD Symposium – The Future of Diabetes Nursing

27 August 2020

This year’s Symposium will take place on September 21 from 14.30 to 15.30 CET. It will be a virtual event and will focus on the evolving role of the diabetes nurse across Europe.

After a keynote lecture by Anne Felton, FEND President, two panel discussions will look at new ways of providing diabetes care and harnessing the power of digital transformation. Speakers on the first panel will include Miklos Szócska, Director of Institute of Digital Health Services of Semmelweis University; Prof Anne-Marie Rafferty, President of the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) and on the second panel Mrs. Aldona Danylienne, Board Member IDF Europe; Dr. Tatjana Milenkovićz, Board Member IDF Europe, President, Macedonian Scientific Association of Endocrinologists and Diabetologists and Mr Chris Aldred, Board Member IDF Europe.

Moderated by Bastian Hauck, the event will be opened by Dr. Niti Pall, IDF Europe Chair, and will conclude with an intervention by Prof Nebojsa Lalic, IDF Europe’s Chair-Elect, Director, Diabetes, and Metabolic Diseases, Clinical Center of Serbia.

This year registration to EASD is mandatory in order to attend the IDF Europe Symposium.