IDF Europe launches a consultation with its Members on the Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe

01 August 2020

Earlier in the year, partly as a response to the impact of COVID-19 on the Members of the European Union, the European Commission announced its intention to review the European Union’s Pharmaceutical Strategy. 

The Pharmaceutical strategy aims to improve equal access to safe, state-of-the-art, and affordable therapies in Europe and support Europe’s pharmaceutical sector, which is a major contributor to the EU economy. The strategy will consider legislative and non-legislative action around four specific objectives:

• Ensure all patients across Europe can gain access to new medicines and therapies in quickly and under all circumstances and that there are fewer shortages of medicines.

• Help make medicines more affordable and increase the “value for money” of medical expenses.

• Take advantage of digitalisation and make sure that innovation and emerging science and technology caters to the needs of patients while reducing the environmental footprint.

• Reduce direct dependence on raw materials sourced from non-EU countries and influence other countries to harmonise international standards of quality and safety of medicines and help European pharmaceutical companies compete on the global level on an equal footing.

IDF Europe will provide input into the online consultation launched by the Commission. To inform our answer, a shorter survey has been developed focusing on diabetes-relevant questions/topics for our Members to be able to share their input and perspectives. All our Members are invited to provide their input by August 24 via the following link.