IDF Europe Long-Standing Achievement Award 2021 - APDP Diabetes Portugal

05 December 2021

On the 100th anniversary of the discovery of insulin, IDF Europe’s Long-standing Achievement Prize 2021 is awarded to APDP, the world’s oldest diabetes association for its tireless work in supporting people living with diabetes

IDF Europe is delighted to announce that Associação Protectora dos Diabéticos de Portugal (APDP), the Portuguese Diabetes Association, is the 2021 IDF Europe Long-standing Achievement Prize winner! The Prize is a recognition of APDP’s untiring work, dedication and excellence in improving the lives of people with diabetes and those at risk.

The Long-standing Achievement Prize, supported by Lilly Diabetes, has been granted since 2012 by the International Diabetes Federation European Region (IDF Europe), to recognise excellence, innovation and commitment to the diabetes community.

APDP president, Dr Jose Boavida, stated in response to winning the prize:

“We are honoured and glad to receive the Long-standing Achievement Prize which gives international recognition to our ongoing commitment to improving the lives of PwD in Portugal, Europe and beyond. We are grateful to IDF Europe with which we have built a strong and supporting partnership”.

APDP is the oldest diabetes association in the world with more than 95 years of continuous work in the field. It was founded in 1926 by Dr Ernesto Roma to give insulin to those who could not afford it, which makes receiving this award on the 100th anniversary of the discovery of insulin, even more precious.

APDP is unique in its focus on a multidisciplinary approach in the care process, education, local action, research, and policy intervention. The recognition of the need to increase awareness for better diabetes management and prevention in the community led to the creation of the APDP Diabetes School, a dedicated training facility for HCPs, people living with diabetes, families, carers and the community as a whole. APDP is strongly committed to community empowerment and provides capacity-building to neighbourhoods in the greater Lisbon area and soon across the country to support their activities and build a resilient diabetes care system at the local level.

APDP´s influence is further strengthened, at home, by its close collaboration with the Portuguese government and, internationally, through its collaboration with WHO Europe. Its influential policy role also partly stems from APDP’s partnership with SPD (Portuguese Society of Diabetology) and the annual publication of the SPD’s National Diabetes Observatory which provides policy makers with up-to-date and comprehensive data on diabetes in Portugal. In addition to its main activities, APDP is also involved in several European research projects and is discussing the introduction of digital health in the Portuguese healthcare system.

Our partner from Lilly Diabetes, Maurizio Guidi, Corporate Affairs and External Engagement Leader, added:

“Diabetes is a lifelong challenge. That’s why the needs of people with diabetes have been an inspiration for Lilly, ever since we pioneered the production of the first insulin treatment in 1923. APDP´s commitment to improving the lives of people with diabetes through its multidimensional role and providing access to diabetes care to those in need sets an example to be followed. We are proud of our long-lasting collaboration with IDF Europe and very honoured that IDF Europe and Lilly reward APDP with the Long-Standing Achievement Award in 2021 for its remarkable contribution to diabetes”.

IDF Europe looks forward to continue supporting and working closely with APDP and all of its Member Associations across Europe over coming years.