IDF Europe Young Leadership Camp 2018

16 July 2018

On Saturday, 14th July, the 24 participants of the IDF Europe Youth Leadership Camp returned home not only with unforgettable memories but also with increased knowledge, passion and engagement to work with their diabetes association to improve the life of people with diabetes in their countries. Their instant and new friendship, their improved understanding of topics such as policy and advocacy, design thinking, working with volunteers as well as their training in communication, leadership and project management projects are key for the expansion and sustainability of the IDF Europe youth advocates network. We look forward to working with them to strengthen the voice of youth in the diabetes arena at the national and European levels. We thank our hosts Svaz Diabetiků České Republiky and Diastyl for their hospitality. We also wish to thank our partners, FEND, Eli Lilly and Insulet for partnering with us on what we consider as the cornerstone of the IDF Europe Youth Programme.

“It has been an incredibly inspiring week for me. It was so wonderful to meet all these young people from different countries all over Europe and learn from each other. We all have diabetes, but so many different stories to tell. It has been a lovely group to discuss, work and laugh together with. I gained a lot of new knowledge, not only about others situations and work as advocates, but also about myself and how I can evolve my own work as a leader and young advocate. I’m very grateful for all the education, inspiration and friends I received this week. It’s an experience I will never forget.” Anna, Sweden

“The whole week was just amazing. I really enjoyed every single minute of it.” Martin Ladyr, Diastyl, Czech Republic