IDF Europe Youth Leadership Lab 2022 – online workshop

29 June 2022

The 2022 cohort of IDF Europe’s YLL participants virtually met on Saturday 25th June for the second time to partake in an online workshop designed to give the group an opportunity to develop their presentation skills.

The group were welcomed and eased into the morning’s session with a recap on the purpose of the YLL programme, followed by a short session on the impact a well-crafted presentation can have, and the shape and format those presentations may take. The groups were then introduced to the theme for this year’s YLL where they will be exploring what Diabetes and Humanitarian Emergencies means to them, and the broad range of events or series of events that it constitutes. On Saturday, we focused on three sub-themes, which the participants were encouraged to choose from, reading the supporting articles chosen and supplied to them, prior to the meeting.

Next, it was time to break out into smaller groups, where each member created a presentation based on one of the following three themes: COVID-19 and diabetes; Diabetes and Climate Change; & Diabetes in Humanitarian settings (man-made). Each topic had supporting articles which the participants could choose to use as the basis of their presentations, or they could draw on their own experiences on the subject matter. Many opted to powerfully draw on their own experiences and use the articles to back up their opinions.

Each breakout group presented their slides to one another, in a supportive atmosphere where they were able to share their learning and opinions freely and confidently.

The vibrant nature and enthusiasm demonstrated within the breakout groups continued right to the end of the workshop, which rounded off with a plenary session where all participants regrouped to present their slides and unique interpretations of their chosen briefs to the meeting.

All the participants threw themselves into the challenges posed to them during the workshop, and the supportive nature of the group was plain for all to see and feel. It will be very exciting to see how the 2022 cohort participating in IDF Europe’s YLL continue to build on the success of their online collaborations when they all meet in person next month.

 YLL workshop screenshot


The Youth Leadership Lab is supported by the Foundation of European Nurses in Diabetes (FEND), Lilly Diabetes and Medtronic.

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