IDFE/Trials@Home at the SCOPE congress – working with a Patient Expert Panel to evaluate the concept of Decentralised Clinical Trials in a pan-European setting

21 April 2022

IDF Europe is part of EU research project, Trials@Home which aims to reshape clinical trial design, conduct and operations, by developing and piloting standards, recommendations, and tools for the definition and operationalisation of decentralised clinical trials (DCTs) in Europe. Launched in 2019, the project is now embarking on its next phase – a clinical pilot trial, RADIAL. IDF Europe facilitates engagement of people living with diabetes (PwD) through a panel of experts to ensure that the experiences, needs and preferences of PwD are heard.

The Patient Expert Panel (PEP) is composed of seven representatives living with diabetes from different genders and nationalities. Co-creation with the PEP members is a vital part of the project, who continuously explore preferences and satisfaction around the concept of DCTs, give direct input into every aspect of the project such as how to develop a qualitative and inclusive protocol for the study; how to avoid discriminating language; what might be of benefit to PwD in participating in the study, etc.

On April 20, Maartje Roskams, our Youth and Project Coordinator, gave a presentation on the importance of patient engagement at the SCOPE congress in Barcelona, alongside consortium Members Tanja Keiper (Merck) and Bart Lagerwaard (UMC Utrecht). The presentation also included a general introduction of the RADIAL trial and outlined how the project will approach questions on patient satisfaction on conventional compared to hybrid and DCT trial models, including specific patient-facing technologies.

At IDF Europe, we strongly believe that people living with diabetes must be at the centre of any diabetes-related study, medicine, development of new technology and so on. #NothingAboutUsWithouthUs represents many of our key priorities to raise the voice of people living with diabetes and we are delighted that people living with diabetes, experts in their condition, are included as a vital part of the ideation, creation, and dissemination phases of the project.

Trials@Home has received support from the EU/EFPIA Innovative Medicines Initiative Joint Undertaking (H2020-JTI-IMI2) Trials@Home grant n° 831458.